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New Racks! Stilletto style, designed for M&M Chassis, needs brackets and will bolt right on the cross member. $410.00

Congratulationse to all the 2014 Champions this season! We are very proud of all of you!

Have you won a race or championship in your M&M that is not listed below? If so, we want to hear about it! email me at!

Shawn Jones (13)Medford WSDCA Champion, Pro's. Marysville Nationals Champ=Pro's WSDCA PRO CHAMPION!
Casey Hofer (11) HCDC Champion
Kelly Gutches (8)Meford WSDCA Champion, Vets
Michael Quilici (6)Winnemucca Champion
Ryan Martinez (6)Sunset Speedway Champion!
Rob McQuary (6)Champion of Creek C0unty Speedway
Ryan Smith (5)
Tim Conley (3)
Chris McCleary (3)
Buddy Olschowka (3)Marsyville Veteran Champ
John Chrisman (2)
Guy Tow, Sr (2)
Larry Pense (1)
David Teves (1)
Danny Wagner (1)Antioch Speedway Champion
John Chrisman (2)
Johnathan Henry (2)
Jorge McQuary (2)
Mike Corsaro (1)
Mike Grenert (1) NCDCA Champion!
Ryan Winter (1)
Cillie Dillie (1)SNDCA Champion!
Henry Corbin III (1)
Kevin Bender (1)
Don Jackson (1)

NEW Cowelled Hoods: $150.00!

Do you have questions on set up? Click here for this article Frank wrote. It has a lot of good information and we hope you will find it useful.
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Driven by the best, feared by the rest!

Frank Munroe - 1934 Ford Vicky

Frank Munroe - #14
3 Time NCDCA Champion
3 time WSDCA Champion
115 Main event wins!
Founder and President of WSDCA

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