If you race dwarf cars the M&M stood up to a vicious hit that let the driver live to race the next day. It was the hardest hit I have yet to take from the back ever. Car is straight and sound and is a true testament why to race an M&M. Thanks for a great truck.
K.B. Rocklin, Ca.
I don't know where to start. First thanks so much for the best car in the west. I had some bad luck last nite! Went full speed into the wall,bouncing off the wall twice then got T boned in rightside, but I never felt safer than I did last nite. Thanks for a safe car. R.K. Petaluma, Ca.

Our truck has been nothing short of phenomenal this year, and to think it is one of your originals!! Thanks for building such a great, safe race car for us!!
J.S. Southern Ca;lifornia

Your help on these kind of upgrades is what makes doing business with you awesome.M.M. Oregon

Barona Speedway had a 30 lap main this weekend. Our car started from last place and passed for first with 2 laps before the checker flag. I spoke to Frank Munroe on the phone and he gave me some tips on set up that got the car handling really nice. M&M is the best hands down! R.A. So. Cal

How Fricking tough are these M&M cars? To roll almost 2 times and only have to change a tire to race another 27 plus laps is a pure testament to how safe and well built these cars are. B.S. Southern California

(After you worked on my car)It handles so much better now and my lap times are more consistent. I can't wait to take it out again. Thanks again for all of your expertise.T.K. San Francisco, Ca.

I have won 2 main events this year at SOS with your old chassis. M&M's rock! The front ends don't break off like other people's cars, not even when you hit hard. Keep making good cars! J.H.in Medford, Or.

I can't thank you enough for helping me figure out where my car was weak, Spanky. The car was really hooked up on the top and I was able to move to the front thanks to M&M chassis know-how!This car is new to me and you have all kept your promises on helping me! M.M.in Medford,Oregon

Frank, you have built an awesome mini-dwarf for me! I have such great luck with the car, handling is great and you have been a big help with any questions we have had. I just won the championship on Saturday night! Thanks for all your help! T.V. in Ventura